About Us

“Plusone Green Power Pvt. Ltd.” is being established with a vision to generate electricity by using various means of green energy available abundant in nature . Basically, we all know that the gradual depletion of fossil fuel creates an alarming reverberation in the minds of people of the world that what will happen if it exhausts completely? To overcome that, a global revolution towards the maximum utilization of renewable energy to save the fossil fuel is been considered as an alternate source and is being used in different countries of the world including India by various means. Inspired on the real phenomena & fact, we too have come out with our own product like Solar Photovoltaic systems,Micro hydropower systems and Wind Power Systems.
  1. Micro Hydropower systems with relatively small output, as they typically produce up to 100 kW of power. These systems are simple and less complex as compared to large hydropower plants. These systems are suitable for remote villages, small communities and even for isolated homes.Micro hydropower systems are definitely an alternate energy option, as it is a reliable, clean and durable& can last for a very long. These systems are also good in complementing other energy sources, especially solar power. Thisespecially becomes very handy during the cold winter months when available hydropower is at maximum as compared to minimal amount of available sunshine.

  2. Solar Photovoltaic System: Photovoltaic (PV) modules generate electricity from sunlight, and are simple, effective, and durable. They can run our appliances, charge batteries, or can be used for the utility grid.

  3. Wind energy is available in a moving mass of air& has been tapped to work for us. As we know that the Wind is a cubic energy resource & the generating power is directly proportionate to wind speed i.e. if the wind speed increases the power available increases cubically. Normally it is important to get higher wind speed so we must install taller towers to increase performance in a wind generator. Considering the above principles of alternate sources of energy “Plusone Green Power Pvt. Ltd.” has come up with various products for the benefits of the common mass with an affordable price as per the guidelines of the “Ministry of New and Renewable Energy”Govt. of India.