About Us


Founder, STRINGSOur founder Mrs. Anu Gupta always had liking & ability of match making. Initially it was done at personal level; however in 2013 executives of PUNJAB AGGARWAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION recognised her amazing talent of match making & rest is history. Her long experience of match making ability makes her decision impeccable while deciding & forwarding the apt bio-data of members to the most appropriate & requiring family. The said ability results in quick conversion of proposal into formal marriage & appropriate amalgamation of two families with the bond of love. She began her journey as matrimonial consultant & over period of time her hard work , sense of belonging & personal touch converted maximum proposal into solid happy marriage alliance. She became distinguished name in her circle who could help the families to get better marriage proposal & further ensured that it was properly converted into happy marriage.

The consultancy started growing at huge pace as the said consultancy was nurtured by love, confidence & proper supervision having personal touch. Despite reaching to the zenith of the matrimonial consultancy still Mrs. Anu Gupta was looking to add further features to the consultancy. It is in the year 2015, when Mrs. Anu Gupta realised that there were many families who were still untouched with the happiness of marriage. The complication in getting appropriate bride or the groom was compounding day by day for the families & it was becoming impossible target for various families. It was the need of the hour to expand the services of the matrimonial circle beyond the limited group of "PUNJAB AGGARWAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION" to cater the need of various other caste & families. This desire was much appreciated by all groups of families & considering the noble thought of spreading happiness amongst all the families, the foundation of "STRINGS" was laid in 2016. Her vision is to keep personal touch in match making and to minimise risks. Her social standing, cultured background and understanding for marriages makes her distinguished.


The "STRINGS" marriage consultancy is not only the platform to meet & search desired partners but possesses the professional touch which is deeply amalgamated with personal touch & this factor distinguishes the consultancy from rest of the organisation.

We believe in catering the expectations of both the generations with the blend of traditional and modern concepts. We understand bond of marriage goes deep beyond the two individuals & it ties two families together. We aspire to smoothen the search process for suitable alliance.

STRINGS continues to grow beyond territorial, caste and age limitations. STRINGS has made its own place amongst the leading Aggarwal families & now intends to cater all cast & religion.

We push our boundaries to safeguard you from the risks of marriage by guiding you through our experiences, guidance from the known expert counsellors or even by suggesting you suitable matrimonial check companies, thus minimising risks. We believe in growing by joining hearts and winning them forever.