Explore light with MAC

At Mac we play with light every day exploring the beautiful atmospheres you can create with it. We are passionate about design and utility.

Our range of products boasts of global design trends, accent on colors, materials and workmanship, which enhances the life and utility value of every product that we produce.
If there's one name that offers the most comprehensive basket of window dressing products in India, it is MAC, the brand that offers world-standard window dressings complimenting the interior spaces. Come, explore the source of life and inspiration with us. Read more..


  • Here are some new products that we have added to our portfolio recently.

    This luxurious collection of jacquard woven shading fabrics includes a wide variety of exceptional patterns form fashionable micro-patterns to renewed classical designs and form pure linen structure to exceptional floral patterns. Due to their woven structure the fabrics remain subtle and stylish. the fabric are worked out in classy colors and minimalist color combinations.

  • The ultimate choice for contract business

    The ultimate choice for contract business Mac brings you a selection of basic fabrics to meet the requirements of contractors and corporates for the contract business. The collection consists of the most favourite pastel colors in the Screen, Translucent and Blackout category which fulfills the needs of most corporate offices and commercial establishments.